Friday, October 15, 2010

Mom visits London AND Paris

My Mom was here last week and omg! were we nonstop!
It was her first time out of the USA so I wanted to make the most of it.
She was talking during the picture taking as always...

Selfridge's Photo Booth Fun Time!
We did almost everything there is to do in London and even some of Paris.  A few high lights were the London Eye ride (that was my first time on it), seeing her face light up when we got to the top and she could see London stretching for miles and miles was priceless.  Checking out Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, showing her a few spots from the movie "Notting Hill", Selfridges World Largest Shoe Department where we had a little photo booth time before and after her haircut, Camden Market, Portobello Market, Borough Market, St. Pauls, getting a fancy haircut at a salon off Oxford Street and much much more...

My four favorite things we did while she was here:
1) I surprised her with a day trip to Paris! Stamp #2 in her brand new passport!  She was really overwhelmed at first and then quickly fell in love with the city like we all do.  We left the train station, hopped in a taxi straight to the Eiffel Tower, I was able to show her where Mike proposed which I thought was really cool, from there onto a city bus tour, from there Musee Rodin to see the Thinker, from there a nice walk to the Louvre and then back to the train station...
Mom and E.T.
My step dad use to love the Thinker so seeing this was a pretty big deal.

#2) Taking her to see Thriller Live. 7th row seats! She LOVES her some Michael Jackson. She danced and clapped all night. We had a great time. Nonstop smiling!
#3) I surprised her and Mike with a smallcarBIGCITY tour around London in an original Mini Cooper. Our tour guy was Robert and he was perfect. I could totally hang out with him. Pretty fun guy.  The four of us piled in the Mini and off we go... Robert was telling us cool history tidbits/trivia about London while we were driving around. I highly recommend this tour for yourself and all future visitors. Well worth the money and what a GREAT way to see the city.  It's a nice way to reinvent the things you've already seen, but your guests have not.
Yes all 4 of us were in that car for 1.5 hours. Quite comfortably actually.

#4) Walking across the Abbey Road cross walk on John Lennon's 70th Birthday!
By the way, I forgot my purse in that Mini Cooper and Robert found us shortly after this picture was taken to return my purse to my much appreciative arms!

Did we have a great time? Yes!
Did we miss anything from the must do list? Not really!
Did she make it home safely all by herself? Yes!
For those who don't know I went to the States to pick her up.
Do I miss her? Yep!

My Mom and I had the best week of our lives together while she was visiting us in London. No fights just fun.  I'm really glad she took the time and made the effort to make the long journey so I could show her my new city and why I love it so much.

Thanks Mom.
Thanks Mike for putting up with us all week.


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  1. You and your mom are twins!! Looks like she saw everything in one week. So much fun!